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Almagro Capital changes its name

Inversa Prime

First elderly residential market-oriented SOCIMI.

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By 2029, the population over the age of 65 is expected to grow by 30.8%

icono mercado vivienda potencial almagro

Potential market with more than 8.5 million target homes.

icono alternativa monetizar vivienda almagro

Current alternatives to monetize housing are limited and inefficient.

icono necesidad social almagro

Social need: The pension model is being threatened by the ageing of the population.



Since 2017 Inversa Prime has been a trustworthy and reliable option for the elderly, who not have optimal housing monetization solutions.

«Reverse housing» is a unique and socially responsible solution. It improves the well-being of this sector of the population while still permitting them to stay at their home.

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