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Inversa Prime has positioned itself as a benchmark, being the most active player in both analysis and operations.
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Reverse housing system eliminates risks of default or turnover, with high-quality tenants. 
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We have 88 assets, located in Madrid capital, mostly in prime locations.

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100% occupancy rate, no defaults due to the advance rental bag and with a NAV uncorrelated to the cycle.
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Own technology-based methodology with more than 400 million euros analyzed through varied channels. 
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Inversa Prime’s management company is attached to the UN Responsible Investment Principles.

A consolidated portfolio


Square meters


Assets and sqm as of April 30, 2021. Shareholders as of September, 2021.

Technology-based analysis

Inversa Prime is developing its own technological plarform to optimize the acquisition of real estate and support commercial endeavors in a scalable way

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Capturing new opportunities

Generation of new opportunities through the use of new technologies aimed at the seller’s relatives. 

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Risk Diversification

Case-specific portfolio monitoring for risk reduction and maximization of returns.

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Integration of services

The platform’s data and knowledge can be applied to a wide range of 3rd age-orient products and services.

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Real estate analysis

Use of Big Data to analyze market forecasts on future trends of real estate value.

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Ease of management

Dynamic ERP that facilitates day-to-day operation of acquisitions, as well as document repository.

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Hope and quality of life

Adjusted estimarion of seller’s life expectancies as well as expected life-quality.

our partners

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